Our office took a stand Friday. We are boycotting Chipotle. But first, let me give you some background so you can understand why you should DEFINITELY boycott Chipotle too.

I have no idea if you’ve been following the animal welfare issues going on in Ohio, so let me start this post out with a summary.

Ohio was chugging along, producing quality grain, meats, and produce for the citizens of our world, when the Humane Society of the US (HSUS) came along and decided to wreak havoc. As they have done in other states, HSUS decided to pursue a ballot initiative that would make certain farming practices illegal. Here’s hoping that any of you reading this already know that HSUS isn’t as concerned for animal welfare as they are for ending animal agriculture and meat production in our country, but if you don’t, read this before you go any further.

Ohio agriculture raised a lot of money and started to fight back. They set up an agency within their state that would oversee animal welfare issues and enforce animal care standards, thus eliminating the need for the HSUS to come in and demand the end of the various farming practices.

But now the HSUS has decided that they will continue to fight. They are currently behind a new ballot initiative that will “require the Ohio Livestock Care Standards Board to adopt certain minimum standards to prevent animal cruelty, improve health and food safety, support family farms, and safeguard the environment throughout the state of Ohio.” These are their words.

The point to my post, however, is the fact that Chipotle is a corporate sponsor for their effort. They are allowing ballots to be placed in their stores throughout Ohio to make it easier for unsuspecting patrons to vote in their favor, bringing us one step closer to ending animal agriculture in the United States.

Yes, the same Chipotle that serves the pork burritos that my co-worker Becky loves, is trying to end pork production in the U.S. And they know it.

They have statements about their purchasing choices and support of humane animal care all over the store. They were also the first restaurant to remove rBGH from their milk products, buy from family farms and make a real, financial commitment to sustainable meat. (source here)

(Whether or not they actually understand that this production system isn’t sustainable remains to be seen. I guess there could be different definitions of sustainability.)

Obviously, with this background, they are well-educated on the goals of the HSUS and want to support ending animal agriculture. Don’t be surprised if you head into Chipotle next year and the entire menu is vegetarian.

Because of all this, our office decided to make a statement yesterday. Becky, Mark and I had the wonderful pork at Moe’s Southwestern Grill instead.

We couldn’t find anything on Moe’s website indicating that they support activist groups and we wanted to reward them for it. Not to mention that their food is better and their chips are free!

Then we met some more folks from the office and expressed our displeasure for Chipotle.

Why don’t you go ahead and do the same?

Lindsay Mitchell
ICGA/ICMB Marketing Director


  1. Anonymous: I am. You can choose to do differently, I guess. Supporting HSUS is supporting the end to animal agriculture and I'm not sure that excludes an "independent farmer." If you grow animals and slaughter them for consumption, you are a target. The end.

  2. "the same Chipotle that serves the pork burritos that my co-worker Becky loves, is trying to end pork production in the U.S." Wow, that is one paranoid delusional leap! They just want humane treatment of pregnant pigs. Would you like to be kept in a crate without room to move while you're pregnant? Have some compassion!

  3. "Wow, that is one paranoid delusional leap! They just want humane treatment of pregnant pigs. Would you like to be kept in a crate without room to move while you're pregnant? Have some compassion!"If HSUS were only about having compassion, wouldn't they have some sort of product/production that they support? Right now, all they support is vegan/vegetarianism. They want to end animal agriculture in the US. Do some research.

  4. God put animals under our domain. Over 98% of farmers, producers do NOT mistreat the animals because it hurts their bottom line. So, in Ohio they want to end US pork production? I wonder how loud they will complain and protest when the cost of importing pork doubles or triples the retail price? What will they say when trichinosis returns? Stop the SOCIALIZATION of Agriculture!!

  5. I always wondered what was so human about an animal that we half to be so humane towards them. I happen to be at the top of the food chain and I like it here.When animal rights are put to the level that HSUS does, it indirectly tramples our rights underfoot.

  6. when I was pregnant, I didn't try to kill the other pregnant women around me. and when I delivered, I didn't try to eat my child or any other babies either.pigs do.Chipotle has the right to get their meat from wherever they want- its when they start imposing huge sweeping changes on everyone else there is a problem. is any of their meat even sourced in Ohio? a company profile says their meat comes from Niman Ranch.a little looking into Niman shows this- that they contract with 50 cattle ranchers, nine sheep farmers and 470 pork farmers all across the US. then the animals are shipped from all across the country to slaughter. Pork is processed at a slaughterhouse in Iowa, lamb in California, and beef in Utah. THEN after slaughter, it gets shipped out again to Oakland CA where they get butchered. the list of protocols for treatment of animals under their contracts say antibiotics are ok- in individual cases to treat illness. However, the company does use "antimicrobials", which were forbidden under Bill Niman's watch. antimicrobials can take a lot of forms and if you look for a list of them anywhere online you'll see a lot of familiar names like Amoxicillin (sounds an awful lot like an antibiotic? that's bc antibiotics ARE antimicrobials).after all this raising and shipping and killing and shipping and cutting and shipping and preparation and shipping the product finally gets sent to Chipotle. meaning the meat in the food has probably done more traveling than the people eating it!

  7. Thank you to Chipotle for taking a stand for family farmers and animal welfare. Don't believe the hype being spread by shrill voices declaring that Armageddon will ensue if farm animals are allowed to turn around and extend their limbs. Chipotle is doing the right thing.

  8. As a lifelong Ohioan, I’m thrilled that Chipotle not only serves such awesome food, but is also supporting such an awesome cause like the Ohioans for Humane Farms ballot measure. Good for them.

  9. For a reference re: HSUS's plan to end animal agriculture in the US, check out this post.http://corncommentary.com/2010/04/23/in-wayne%e2%80%99s-own-words-put-farmers-out-of-business/And a quote from Wayne Pacelle himself:“When voters approved it, it was the first restriction on a severe confinement practice in the U.S. Now, eight year later, it has achieved its principal purpose: it kept giant hog factory farms from colonizing Florida, as they did three decades ago in North Carolina.” He doesn't care about humane treatment. The principal purpose is to keep hog factories out of Florida.

  10. Im sorry but a "Blog" is not a source. Ill ask again.Can you provide the source that states the HSUS is trying to end animal agriculture in America?

  11. Wayne Pacelle is not the source. He never proved that the HSUS is trying to end animal agriculture in America.He simply implied that with a quote. I mean I love Chipotle. I think its kind of ridiculous to think that they are for ridding the country of animal agriculture.

  12. Okay, anonymous, it's pretty darn irritating that you're so demanding but not willing to put your name on anything.Let's see how polite you are about this:Source? Me. I've spoken with Wayne Pacelle personally. Have you? Yes, the man's goal is to make livestock production so difficult that we give it up. That's the "Replace" in the 3 R's. Yes, if he had his way we'd all be vegans, you wouldn't be wearing leather, and you wouldn't have pets.Now, will you have the nerve to put your name on something and call me a liar? OR, will you still be a bully behind an anonymous entry?And, don't give me any guff about not wanting to get an account so you can leave your name. You can type it in the comment box the same way you've been doing. Have a fantastic, meaty-good day!

  13. Thank you Tricia!He simply implied that in a quote?? If you want to dance around the issues 'anonymous' maybe you should check your facts first- the crates the sows are kept in are to protect them and their young from being smashed. Please educate yourself with more than one source that is actually fact based.Kassi

  14. You tell 'em, Tricia.To Chipotle, supporting HSUS is a short-term marketing scheme to make them the "good guys." Problem is, there aren't really any "bad guys" since current-day practices are put in place to protect sow and piglets alike.Chipotle isn't thinking long-term. They're thinking about what makes them look good to the customers that want to eat "humanely raised" meat.Regardless of how many supporters they have in the food industry, HSUS is still anti-agriculture. Chipotle can support them for the image and assume that if HSUS gets its way, they'll be safe. Doubt it. If HSUS had their way, Chipotle would be selling meat-free burritos only.And I'm not afraid to attach my name to that statement.

  15. The following information is from an interview in 2005 when Catherine Clyne spoke with Wayne Pacelle about his new role at HSUS:The past half century has seen the HSUS grow into the largest animal protection organization in the country, and one of the most influential worldwide. Last June, after years working as Senior Vice President of government affairs and communications, Wayne Pacelle became the Chief Executive Officer of HSUS. With his promotion came a revamp of the organization’s mission, the development of a new campaigns section with a focus on farm animals, and the establishment of a company-wide Vegan policy. The vision is to consolidate forces. Early this year, the Fund for Animals formally merged with HSUS, and the leadership of one of the most successful grassroots animal advocacy groups, Compassion Over Killing, joined its ranks. Tireless Vegan activist MD, Michael Greger, also moved to HSUS. What helped you make the connections between animals and your decision to go Vegan?"I had a real empathy for animals ever since I was a small child, and that was never drummed out of me. In my college dining hall, I remember talking about animals and how it was wrong to hunt or use them in research. So I became vegetarian and then a month later Vegan in my sophomore year and started an animal rights group."With regard to farmed animals, realistically what are your hopes for the future? " I’ve been a Vegan for 20 years…. people who are friendly to the issues often don’t demonstrate the same level of commitment as those of us who are really active in the movement. I think it is important to give people more eating options. That’s why we’re now doing a guide to vegetarian eating, to really make the case for it and try to make that transition easier.” “Also, just reducing meat consumption can be a tremendous benefit to animals. Because it’s 10 billion animals killed a year—if 50 million people reduce their meat consumption by half, that can save hundreds of millions, if not more than a billion animals"I want to hear a little more of your message to animal activists. HSUS has been criticized for being a rather conservative, wealthy, dog and cat-oriented establishment that, until you came along at least, still served dead animals at its events. Can you talk about your vegetarian vision and what motivated you to move from more animal rights work, like at the Fund for Animals and the Animals’ Agenda, to HSUS? "In terms of my own personal transformation, for many years I was on the ‘front lines’—at demonstrations and protests—and I was arrested many times during my years of activism. I believe there’s a really important place for demonstrations and civil disobedience and other ‘front line’ activities. At the same time, I recognized that we have to amass political power and apply that power in the broadest sense in order to save animals’ lives. I felt HSUS was an entity that was doing good work but had enormous potential to effect even more meaningful and lasting social reforms. It was not marginalized by the media or viewed as an extremist or radical organization by mainstream Americans. It had a good, patriotic name [laughsI just felt this group had more potential to effect change than any other. I had worked closely with and have had friends in almost all the other groups—it’s not a denigration of any of those groups. " entire interviewhttp://www.satyamag.com/jun05/pacelle.htmlSimply put, Wayne forces his employees to be vegan and wants HSUS to provide as many ways possible to allow the decision easier for the rest of America

  16. Many believe whatever appears to be over what IS. Having humane treatment is not enough. They have the option to promote "humane food' or vegan/vegetarian and by action it is the latter. Not freerange eggs, pasture beef or outdoor pork. In some areas those outdoor pigs are also subjected to bitter cold and very hot weather. Pigs do not sweat and can over heat, fatally, in hot weather. The amount of misinformation put forth speaks for itself.

  17. Anonymous,If you know so much about HSUS, then you know Paul Shapiro is now one of their top execs. Take a look at this video, then tell us HSUS is just a nice, little, be kind to animals organization. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rYOJbeNUzik&feature=player_embeddedI get amazingly tired of blind, agenda-driven people who know nothing about agriculture and yet try to claim they do. Please rely on facts. Maybe you should start asking farmers and ranchers WHY they do what they do, instead of blindly following goofs like Pacelle. It's time to use your head. Stop being a 'follower' and think for yourself. Get some real facts.

  18. Wow, some of you should sign up as the poster child for HumaneWatch. Simply because youa re ignorant of what the HSUS is.Let me ask you: is animal rights one of the founding principles of the HSUS? No, they won't use the phrase on their website, but a trivial amount of research will tell you yes.Guess who else is an animal rights group? PETA. Heck, HSUS has dozens of former PETA staffers on their payroll.Now try looking up what the term "animal rights" means and educate yourself.If you still agree, fine. That's your choice to make. However, maybe you could stop using videos of dogs and cats, which HSUS does virtually nothing for, to solicit your donations.Check out http://www.hsus.org/about_us/board_and_staff/experts/experts/subject_experts_goodwin.html he's a former ALF member who has stated he was "ecstatic" about a arson job on a California slaughterhouse.Hey, maybe they can use video of that in their next donations drive?

  19. While you're boycotting the hypocritical morons at Chipotle, go ahead and boycott the equally hypocritical morons at Einstein Brother's Bagels as well. They recently proudly announced on their Facebook page that they're partnering with the H$U$ to elimiate all US egg prod… Uh… That is… to support Federally Mandated "cage-free" egg production in the U.S.

  20. HSUS's hidden agenda is bigger than most realize. They along with Peta want us to be a society without animal products, by-products and even pets. I offer a very simple solution to this problem: Ban ANYONE affiliated with these radical groups from ever receiving or using prescription medicine ever during their lives. Let us see how fast they change their minds without the miracle of modern medicine that relies so heavily on animals!

  21. If I'm not supposed to eat meat, will someone please tell me what my pearly white incisors are for??? I'm not anti-vegan, but we should respect each other's differences and relish our freedom of personal choice. This war is bigger than being a vegan or animal abuse. These groups want animals removed from society altogether. They don't even want them around as pets. It all boils down to the freedom to choose. Smoking, excessive drinking and junk food are bad for you too, but at least one has the freedom to choose what they consume.

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