Ethanol receives a lot of criticism from consumers who don’t always understand how the renewable fuel is produced and that is it not displacing the corn that we eat (because it is made from field corn, not sweet corn).

Most also don’t understand that a byproduct of ethanol is distillers grains which are a valuable livestock feed.  Even livestock producers don’t always grasp how important this option can be, especially when corn and soybean prices are high.

To help livestock farmers better incorporate distillers grains into their livestock diets, the IL Corn Marketing Board funds Illinois Institute for Rural Affairs at WIU to analyze distillers grains from ethanol plants across the state.  This information makes the byproduct easier for livestock farmers to use because they can balance their feed rations to provide their herds the best possible nutrition.

Illinois livestock farmers AND Illinois grain farmers care about the health and well-being of Illinois livestock.  Illinois Corn Farmers also care about options for consumers.   Ethanol production represents both.

Visit to learn more about Illinois produced distillers grains.

Lindsay Mitchell
ICGA/ICMB Marketing Director

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