Fresh from the IL Corn newsroom … check out our statement on the news that a Colombia Free Trade Agreement is finally negotiated and now waits for Congressional approval!

“The Colombian market is certainly valuable to Illinois corn farmers since roughly half of the corn grown in our state is exported. The pending ratification of a free trade agreement with Colombia means that our access to that market will be equal to that of other nations around the world. By removing trade barriers, we can secure the Illinois corn farmer’s position in the effort to provide high quality feed grains while enabling the Colombian people access to corn at a price relative to the world market, rather than prices distorted by politics.”  ~ James A. Reed, Illinois Corn Growers Association President

You can also read what the U.S. Grains Council has to say about the potential for trade with Colombia here.

And you might be interested in our fact sheet on the Colombia Free Trade Agreement here.

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