The U.S. EPA released the newly approved label for E15, a 15 percent blend of ethanol into gasoline.

You might remember our posts from back around Halloween, when we determined that the EPA was going to use E15 as a popular scare tactic.  But through the power of a public comment period and by listening to the myriads of people (consumers, farmers, ethanol producers and more) they settled on a much more acceptable alternative.

Yes, the color still indicates warning … or maybe it is just meant to grab attention so that consumers don’t fuel up with the wrong fuel.  Illinois corn farmers would argue that the science behind not allowing older vehicles and other gasoline powered motors to use E15 isn’t really there either, but we can leave that alone for now.

What we’re really excited about is seeing the EPA use common sense.  This label is informative and educates consumers instead of instilling fear.  And that is something we can all get behind.

To read what ICGA President Jim Reed thinks about the new label, click here.

Lindsay Mitchell
ICGA/ICMB Marketing Director

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