On Tuesdays in September, IL Corn Intern Jenna Richardson will be providing us with a feature called “Tools of the Trade.” The weekly post will give our readers an up-close look at some of the little-known tools that make agriculture possible, with some interesting photography to boot!

I’ve grown up riding horses; therefore I’ve grown up in a pair of boots, whether they have been steel toe or pink cowboy boots.   Now, I’m a student at Southern Illinois University Carbondale where I study agricultural communications. On a daily basis when I walk into the Ag Building and look at the shoes everyone is wearing, a majority of them are boots.

What kind of shoes do farmers wear? What kind of shoes do cowboys/cowgirls wear? What kind of shoes do foresters wear? BOOTS! See a trend here?  Boots are related to agriculture.

Boots aren’t worn just because people involved in agriculture are ‘supposed to’ but for their functionality – by protecting the foot and leg from water, snow, mud or other hazards and providing ankle support for laborious activities – and of course for fashion reasons, because farm girls don’t actually wear overalls all the time.

These sorts of boots are definitely a tool of the trade, though.  Muddy ol’ farm boots equal agriculture, no matter which way you look at it!

Illinois Corn Marketing Board InternJenna Richardson
Southern IL University student
IL Corn Intern

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