This week is Farm-City Week! It’s all about reconnecting the two and making an effort to inform the public about the importance of agriculture. As an intern for the Illinois Corn Marketing Board this semester, I have made it a new goal of mine to bring together the city population and farm population and help others learn the importance of farming! This week fits particularly well to my intern project, since I am in charge of the “Friend a Farmer” Facebook page. I use this page to help facilitate conversation between farmers and an urban population- so looking at organizations that also do this was right up my ally! After looking over various different programs, I came across one which fits particularly well for this week’s purpose: The Illinois Farm Family.

The Illinois Farm Family strives to follow their three commitments: (1) Showing you how they grow food. (2) Answering your questions about farms, farmers, and farming. (3) Sharing with you what really happens on today’s Illinois farms. Their website features a variety of different resources such as a “Meet Our Farmers” portion where visitors can read more about different farm families and view videos about their experience. Viewers can also visit their blog and check out their videos of farm tours. The public is welcome to send in their questions and get them answered by someone from the organization.  Speaking as someone with a smaller agriculture background, I found this site to be incredibly interesting and helpful for some unanswered questions I had.

After thoroughly investigating the site, I think the coolest part that I found was their “Field Mom” program. It features groups of city moms that are selected to tour their farms and share their experiences. They use videos, pictures, and stories about what they learn. It allows a different point of view to share their opinions on farming and brings together the farm-city aspect! Moms can even apply to be a “Field Mom!” It was so interesting to see where each of these moms comes from and what their agricultural background was like. It shows a completely different point of view on farming.

Programs such as the Illinois Farm Family, are exactly what we need to help educate others on the importance of farming and where our food comes from. Living in a more urban environment, as made me realize how few people from the city have a basic knowledge of farming and agriculture. It’s up to us to help build a relationship between the two groups.  We have to utilize organizations such as these and help them grow. By spreading the word about agriculture and farming and getting more involved in organizations such as these, we are greatly helping the farming community. I encourage each and every one of you to have conversations with others about your views on farming and why you view it as important. Get involved with the Illinois Farm Family and make a commitment to bettering our community! Be sure to visit their website to learn more:

Lauren Gress

Northern Illinois University Student

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