For IL Corn and the Illinois corn farmers they represent, last week was a busy one!  We held our policy session on Monday (when we decide what we stand for and what we will pursue for the coming year) and our Annual Meeting along with our Illinois Commodity Conference on Tuesday.

Add in a board meeting and a short holiday week and I can assure you, the IL Corn staff was jumping to get everything done.

Still, we were super excited to see all of our leaders after the harvest and hear about their yields, their experiences, and their thankfulness for another bountiful harvest.

Steve Pigg, Munir Cheryan, Jim Kinsella, Glen Poshard, Josh FlintAnd while we’re discussing thankfulness, it was wonderful to be able to recognize (L-R) Jim Kinsella, Dr. Glen Poshard, Dr. Munir Cheryan, Steve Pigg, and Josh Flint at the Annual Meeting for their massive contributions to the Illinois ag industry.

Steve Pigg, our Bushnell, IL World of Corn Award winner, didn’t have any idea that he was at the meeting to be honored, and we thoroughly enjoyed surprising him with a little gift to show him how much we appreciated his leadership over the years.

Post annual meeting, our farmers stuck around to hear more about the future of their industry at the Illinois Commodity Conference.  If you weren’t able to attend that conference (or even if you were!) be sure to check out the presentations our experts shared over at the ICC website and definitely start making your plans to attend the November 20th event next year!

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