Historically speaking, it is sort of a rarity for farmers to be finished planting corn by May 1.  In fact, often, farmers are only just starting planting corn on May 1!

Here’s what some of our Illinois Corn leadership have to say about their planting status and the fields in their area:

corn seedlingApril 26: Finished planting today. About 1/3 of our corn is out of the ground. Looking like a really good start.  Justin Durdan – Utica, IL

April 26:We finished planting corn on the 23rd .  Start replanting tomorrow.  One field for sure, two more are suspect.  Earliest finish for us in a long time along with most corn acres planted.  Beat second earliest planting finish by over a week.  A light inch rain would be great.  Crops are looking good and I believe the cold spells are over.  Jeff Scates – Shawneetown, IL

There’s more info about how the spring planting season is going for central Illinois farmers in this article.  Our own Executive Director is even quoted in it!

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