We learn more when we have a first hand experience.

This fact is really just a matter of common sense really.  You learned math as a kid by manipulating blocks or coins.  You learned how to drive by driving.  You learned how the world works by whatever “hard-knock” experience you had as a teenager or young adult.

The same goes for the farm.  If we want people to understand the truth about food production and how farmers farm, our best option is to give them a first hand experience.  Except with less than two percent of the public actually farming, it becomes difficult to provide the other 98 percent who would be tourists an actual experience on the farm.

So, we go virtual.

Illinois Farm Families are trying to provide virtual on-farm experiences to interested city-dwellers on their site,  Have you checked it out?

Here’s a taste – do any of these videos answer your questions?

Click here to virtually tour a beef farm and a pork farm. Each video is around 3 minutes. Think of what you could learn in the next hour!

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