Corn farmers coalition, Lou Lamoreux, farmer efficiencyEvery year for the past four years, a coalition of fourteen states and the National Corn Growers Association has brought the Corn Farmers Coalition (CFC) Campaign to Washington, DC.  It’s a fun campaign, featuring our farmers that we all know personally and love dearly, and facts about corn farming that most people probably didn’t know.

Did you know that 95 percent of all corn farms in American are family owned?  Did you know that American corn farmers grow 20 percent more than any other nation?  Did you know that  the energy used to grow a bushel of corn decreased 37 percent thanks to family farmers’ use of technology?

Some of these things I intrinsically knew even if I didn’t know the exact data.  But I bet if you’re an urban dweller, you didn’t have a clue.  And you know what?  Most elected officials and their staff don’t either.

farmers, family, efficiency, corn farmers coalitionCFC has resulted in more than 150 million positive media impressions in the first three years on a very targeted Capitol Hill Community.  We believe that it’s working.  We believe that non-farmers are starting to really understand that corn farmers aren’t working for the devil … they are working to feed their families, and yours.

If you’d like to follow more about what the Corn Farmers Coalition is up to, you might follow our twitter hashtag – #corncoalition – and maybe consider checking out the website at

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