Technology…it seems that we, as consumers, are constantly hearing about the latest and greatest gadgets and apps for smartphone devices to make our lives simple.  According to commercials and advertisements I have observed, the media stereotype smartphone and mobile device users to be between the ages of 15-27, or business-attired individuals living in the larger cities with a busy lifestyle.  What is often left out are the farmers and ranchers in the less populated areas who are also using smart mobile devices to simplify their way of living.

Farming is not an easy task, but with apps created especially for the farmer, the job can be completed more efficiently.  There are hundreds of agriculture related apps available in the iTunes store and Android marketplace, but I have chosen only 10 in which I feel are the most useful to the farmer.

10. Farm Manager App assists the farmers to manage the farm overall, as well as keeping track of detailed records for equipment and crops. This app can be linked to an account online for the user to easily access records at any time.

9. Corn Planting Calculator allows the user to calculate planting information resulting in valuable information such as row spacing, seed count, cost per acre, and much more.

8. Corn yield can be determined using Optimizer 2.0.  This app uses information based on products used and geographic location to determine an approximate yield.  It also sends daily reminders to the phone allowing users to be up-to-date on the projected yields.

7. What type of soil are you standing on?  With SoilWeb that information is available to you anytime.  Simply allow your phone to use your location as of GPS, and information and type of soil can be easily accessed.

6. PureSense is a way for users to get information on the moisture near the roots of crops.

5. Staying on top of the agriculture news is important, but not always available.  AGWired allows users access to news releases and happening within the agriculture world.

4. CropNAtion allows farmers to connect with other farmers by communicating through message boards and posting photos.

3. TankMix from Dupont assists in calculating how much mixture is needed in a volume-to-volume ration for a specific area of the field.

2. PrecisionEarth uses the GPS locator to provide any and all information regarding farmland.

1.  …and if you’re not quite sure how farming works, download Farmville where the user learns all about planting, harvesting, and managing every day activities on a farm.

Smartphones aren’t just for the younger generation or city slickers.  They are a valuable resource that are sometimes overlooked as being too complicated, when in reality using the right app just might make your life a little easier.

Abby Coers
St. Joseph, IL

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