If you’ve always wanted to know, you’ve come to the right place. Watch this video of the Illinois Farm Families “Field Moms” on a soybean farm in Illinois as they learn about chemical application, how its done, and why Illinois farmers apply chemicals with care.

You might be interested to know that:

1. Farmers “know what they don’t know.” If they don’t understand how to apply chemicals the safest way, they hire someone that DOES know and allow them to manage the chemical application.

2. Farmers want to swim in the rivers and fish in the nearby streams. They do not want to risk that their crop management practice would jeopardize those activities.

3. New technologies in tractors and sprayers allow farmers to manage the droplet size, minimize overlap (spraying too much on one row), and prevent the booms from becoming unlevel. These factors all minimize the opportunity for chemicals to leave the farm.

4. Farmers are very motivated to be sure that the chemicals they apply are the least amount needed to be effective and stay right on the plant. Chemicals are expensive. There is no economic incentive for a farmer to overapply or allow drifting.

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