They say February is the season for love … and we’re celebrating by giving you a glimpse of five Illinois farm couples throughout the week!  These couples practice their love for each other and the land every day on their farms.  Get to know them and the work they love to do!

Illinois farm family in a wheat field

Sandy and Bill met over the salad bar at their little local restaraunt many years ago. It was Mother’s Day, so they were both celebrating with their families who knew each other and were friends. Actually Bill and Sandy went to school together as kids, but had never met. Sandy was dis-interested, as she thought Bill’s younger sister was his girlfriend! Later, Bill had a hog roast out at one of the farms for all his college friends, and that was their first date. The rest is history!

Bill and Sandy will be married 31 years in July.

“Wow, does time go by fast, when your having fun!!!!!” Bill said.

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