In case you missed it last week, here is the latest video from our office:

This video is the perfect marriage of entertaining and effective. Making E-15 available to consumers at gas stations does not put motorcyclists at a higher risk for misfueling… as long as they can read a label, that is.

But this brings up a far-reaching issue that goes beyond ethanol: accountability. At what point are we all going to take a little responsibility for ourselves? We are living in a world of making $1 million for spilling hot coffee on yourself and suing beer companies for the lack of beautiful women that surround you when you drink their product.

Sooner or later, we are all going to have to be responsible adults who can make a decision based on the information we are given. If we spill hot coffee on ourselves, we put a Band-Aid on it and chalk it up to a bad case of “The Monday’s.” If we pull up to a gas station pump in a car that is not compatible with higher blends of ethanol, we push the button that says “regular unleaded” before fueling.

As consumers, we want choices. We want the option to buy organic or conventionally grown produce at the grocery store. We want the option to buy milk that is 2%, fat free, Vitamin D fortified, or skim. So it is hard for me to understand why people are against making E-15 available at gas stations. It would be an option for those individuals that want it, and the regular unleaded gasoline (which is typically a 10% ethanol blend anyway) is still available to those of you who would prefer that option.

So let’s make E-15 available at all gas stations. “Humanity can handle it.”

ImageRosalie Sanderson

Membership Administrative Assistant ICGA/ICMB

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