The agriculture industry employs over 23 million people in the United States, and only about 4.6 million of those people live on a farm. So, what does the other 18.4 million people do if they don’t live on a farm?

Agriculture encompasses a wide range of career options; it’s not just for your average farmer. I want to show you five of my favorite unconventional agriculture careers.

1.) Florists: Florists create decorations with agriculture products, such as flowers, plants, and greenery. Floral management is not just about making beautiful arrangements for events. A florist has to be educated on all aspects of the many varieties of flowers and plants; such as the nutrition, climate, preservation, and overall health. You could consider them your urban plant scientists.

2.) Viticulturist: Which is someone who works at a winery or vineyard, caring for and managing grape production. There is a lot that goes into being a wine maker; it is defiantly not an easy career. Winemakers must be knowledgeable in vineyard pruning, irrigation, fertilization, nutrition, grape verities, and selection of grapes, which are all important factors that could affect the taste and consistency of wine. A viticulturist is truly an agricultural scientist and an artist.

3.) Turf -grass Manager: This is most commonly known as a golf course manager. It takes extensive science and skill to care for a healthy fairway and green. Turf scientists are educated on what grasses work best in different climates and soils, and the proper care it takes to keep them healthy. No only do turf-grass managers work at golf courses but also in lawn care, athletic fields, park sites, and grounds around corporation headquarters.

4.) Forest Ranger: A forest ranger plays a major role in protecting the natural environment, and conserving our natural resources. The major responsibility of most rangers is a forest firefighter. Fire prevention and control is a major role for a ranger. This career works hard ensure the environmental conservation, so we can continue to produce a healthy and sustainable food source.

5.) Food Scientist: This scientist usually works in the food processing industry. Many food scientists find ways to process, preserve, package, and store food properly. Some food scientists even do things such as flavor technology, they work develop the best-tasting flavor for your food. This career plays a vital role in the way your food gets from the farm to the table safely.

The agriculture industry covers such a broad spectrum of careers, many of them you would not even think twice. I like to think that everything in this world is related to agriculture in some way. Think of something as simple as a newspaper, the shirt on your back, or even your cell phone; someone in agriculture harvested the trees for your paper, woven the cotton in your shirt, and we can even go as far as the ethanol blended fuel used to deliver your cell phone to the store.

Agriculture will continue growing, and there could be a career in it for you. It’s not just for farmers.

Jesse Cler PicJesse Cler
Southern Illinois University Student

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