historical lock and dam

We might be a little late for Throwback Thursday #tbt, but this old photo of a former IL Corn leader doing a news broadcast on the dilapidated state of a locks and dams really hits home one point – we’ve been working on upgrading our river transportation system for YEARS!

Our fingers are crossed that we get a new Water Resources Development Act bill passed next week. After that, we keep working to pass an increase in the barge fuel tax that will give us the increased income to make some notable progress!


PLANT Planting in Illinois is overall a little behind average, but farmers in Illinois are really all over the board in terms of how their planting season is progressing depending on where they are located within the state. Farmers in northern Illinois haven’t started while farmers in central Illinois report being finished planting corn!

If following the progress of the spring planting interests you, check out this week’s updates from our Illinois farmers! You will see firsthand what a huge difference weather, namely rain and heat, make to a farm family!

jeff scatesJeff Scates, Shawneetown, IL: Planters are finally rolling at a fast pace in southeastern Illinois, although some have chosen to wait and see if the weatherman’s 8 inch rain prediction will come true. We have about 25% corn planted and maybe 10% on beans. Nothing is up yet.

Kent PlantingKent Kleinschmidt, Emden, IL:  I finished planting corn Saturday after starting on Tues. A few farmers in my area started the day before Easter, but most started Tues, after a little rain on Monday. We are supposed to get rain over the next few days, I am hoping the weatherman is right this time. Our last real rain was April 3rd, at .9″.  Since then, rain was predicted several times, but we have only gotten a half of a tenth or less each time.

Dirk RiceDirk Rice, Philo, IL: Finished corn Saturday. Started the Saturday before that. Right in my area I think most people got done Saturday or Sunday. As you go south through Douglas County you see a field here and there not planted but I would guess the corn is at 90% planted. Don’t know of any beans planted.

Jim ReedJim Reed, Monticello, IL: Started corn the Friday before Easter and finished the Friday after (4-25). We had a couple of rain events during that week but got only .02 out of all of them. I would say my area is 99 % done with field corn. The seed corn guys have not yet started. Only guys with multiple planters have started beans around here. There may be 3% beans planted. My first planted corn has a 1/2 inch sprout on it. Should be up soon.

lou lamoreuxLou Lamoreux, Lanark, IL: My planted acres—0.  Planted acres in my area— estimate at less than 5%. Raining now, and forecast for the next three days. Soil temps in the 40’s. Not enough grass yet to turn cows out.


Paul JeschkePaul Jeschke, Mazon, IL: 1/3 done with corn and believe that to be common here.  A few didn’t yet start and a few began before Easter.  Most started last Tuesday or Wednesday.  No beans planted here.


tom muellerTom Mueller, Taylor Ridge, IL: My planting progress— 0 acres.  Just a few have started to plant in this area.   Soil temp near 50 with a forecast that says it will take 20 days for corn to emerge.  Got 2.1 inches of rain in the past day.  Cows having to gub a little grass because hay is all gone.  Need some heat!!


central illinois harvest, auger, cornGrant Noland, Blue Mound, IL: Finished corn on Saturday, but no beans planted. 20% of our corn has emerged. Most in area are done with corn, and 5% beans planted.