Dr OzDr. Oz is at it again, sensationalizing another “hot topic” issue to scare his viewers and ultimately get more views. You have to hand it to the man, he knows how to make his show successful. But the problem is we seem to live in a world where we all forget that his goal is to get more views, not educate his viewers using the most sound and reliable information possible. It’s the same concept as various ads created by  companies such as Chipotle that use fear and/or entertaining concepts that bash farming to accomplish their ultimate goal: To sell you burritos. Again, their goal and job here is not to present accurate information to you.

So why do we let these marketing schemes affect our opinions or understanding of something? Why has a talk show host become a more reputable source to us than the people who are out in their fields every day working with GMO crops or pesticides? Why do we use an ad for burritos as a primary source of information upon which we form our opinions? We live in a time where we have information about everything imaginable at our finger tips… but maybe it has become too much. How can we expect anyone to be able to sort through all of the bad information to find the real stuff? I wish I had the answer.

For now, the best I can do is respond to this clip from the Dr. Oz show with the best information I have. Hopefully, some of the people who have the same incorrect information will read this and decide to do more research or ask an actual farmer to get a better understanding of what’s going on here.

  1. Dr. Oz and the mother in this clip keep saying more pesticides are used on GMO crops. That is just completely false. GMO corn, for example, is naturally resistant to the most common and dangerous pests that threaten it. Therefore, farmers have no need to spray pesticides on those crops. Among other reasons, this is why GMO crops were created! To allow us to use less chemicals because the plants are naturally resistant to the pests we used to spray for! Somehow, that fact has been lost in translation between the farming world and urban consumers.
  2. At the beginning of the clip, Dr. Oz shows a graphic of weeds being sprayed and killed in corn fields and talks about the harsh chemicals that accomplish this. Actually, due to the natural “canopy” of shade created by the leaves on a stalk of corn, farmers don’t really need to spray for weeds very often. Once again, this is something that a farmer could easily tell you about, but Dr. Oz obviously hasn’t even taken 5 minutes to ask for their side of the story.
  3. The mother in the clip “discovered” that non-GMO crops are sprayed with pesticides, too. Of course they are, see point number 1. They are sprayed with pesticides MORE OFTEN than GMO crops, that’s why so many farmers choose to plant GMO crops! Less pesticides!
  4. The mother also says she decided to start buying organic so that she could avoid pesticides altogether. If she really believes that, I hope she finds this article because unfortunately she has been terribly mislead. Organic farmers can still use approved pesticides on their crops! If they didn’t, when you bit into an organic apple, you would likely find a beautiful juicy worm inside there waiting for you!

These are just a few of my thoughts after watching that clip. I find it incredibly discouraging that this mother has gone to the measures that she has based on incorrect information. I am 100% supportive of everyone making the right choice for themselves and their families at the grocery store, be it organic or not. I just wish everyone would take the time to wade through all of this “hype” caused by shows like this one to get to the best sources of information on these issues.

PLEASE keep in mind what someone’s ultimate goal is when presented with information like this! Dr. Oz sensationalized this to make it scary because THAT will hook his viewers and ultimately get him more views! Chipotle wants to make you feel like the farms they buy their food from are all sunshine and rainbows so that you will buy more burritos from them. If we could all just keep these things in mind, I think it would make a huge difference in our ability to take things with a grain of salt and wade through all of the sensationalized, fear-based stuff and find reality.

rsandersonRosalie Sanderson
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  1. Great post. I have to admit that as soon as the CBS Morning Show is finished, I usually shut off Dr. Oz. In fact today he was talking about GMOs, and I just didn’t want to hear it anymore. Maybe I should have listened to him so that I know the inaccurate information he is putting out there. We farm, and we are chomping at the bit to get into the fields and start harvesting here in NW Indiana. Thank you Rosalie for taking your time to address Dr. Oz’s marketing tricks.

    1. You are correct, Jim. The product he is talking about in this segment, Enlist Duo, is an herbicide (not a pesticide). The graphic he showed was of a spray killing plants, but he referred to it as a pesticide throughout the clip. Yet another reason this clip is full of incorrect information.

      1. Not to defend the evil Dr., but herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, etc. are all in the pesticide category, right? At least, that was the way I was taught. Anything that has harmful effects on a crop, be it weeds, insects, fungus, etc. is considered a pest. Please correct me if I am wrong.

      2. Dr.OZ show intentionally used the word pesticide because that is what the American public summarizes herbicides and pesticidies as, together. To farmers, weeds are pests. AND in fact glyphosate has been shown to be a powerful pesticide as well as herbicide, so the terminology is in fact correct. Glyphosate kills everything except a few nasty bacteria like solmenella and clostridia. So it kills pests too. Go ahead and see how many dead bugs there are after you spray….and keep in mind that these pests are made up of 60-90% of the same DNA as humans.

  2. Thanks for posting some information from the farmer’s side. I did watch the Dr. Oz show today, and noticed that there was no representation from the people who will actually be growing those crops and using the herbicides. Talk about balanced presentations! If he was really worried about the poor school children downwind of the farms, which seemed to be the main fear he was spreading, he should have been in favor of Enlist Duo, because it was formulated to be less prone to drift!

  3. PESTICIDES include Herbicides…
    Herbicides and insecticides are all PESTICIDES… but not the other way around.

    For many people the issue is – as with every other product we consumers purchase – is that we want these things labeled. We want to be in charge of what items we bring in our homes like we are with mattresses, like we are when we select clothing made of the many varieties of materials from wool, to polyester to cotton and more. We want to make our own choices without them being dictated by a web of corporations who keep saying we don’t NEED to know.

    That’s the bottom line.

    It is not ridiculous that among the range of many allergies people currently experience, that some of us might just be allergic to some of these pesticides. If they were not different from each other, there would be no need to change the formulations at all. The fact that yet another newer stronger one is being used on our food plants means that someone – somewhere WILL have a sensitivity to it.

    This is the issue Robyn O’brien talks about. This is the issue brought up by so many mothers of children with allergies, all kinds of gut and digestion issues and more are concerned with. Label these foods treated in this way so we can protect our families as some of us – a significant number – are discovering that something is radically different about food today versus food we ate growing up.

    We want to be able to know the difference in our grocery stores.

    You can listen to Ms. Obrien in many you tube videos. Here is one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fWXrRftyOMY

  4. Rosalie, You don’t understand. Non GMO crops and non organic crops liek wheat, rice, sugar, corn, soy, dried peas and beans are sprayed with glyphosate AS A DRYING AGENT UPON HARVEST. It has nothing to do with pests or weeds during growing. They cannot spray glyphosate ON non organic or non GMO crops during growing or they would DIE. Glyphosate kills. Period. And it does not wash off. GMO crops have INCREASED the use of pesticides and herbicides, you are just uninformed if you believe otherwise. Go ahead and look at the increase of sales over the past 10-15 years. Organic food is NOT sprayed with glyphosate. I am clear other kinds of organic pesticides may be used, but not Roundup. If you don’t want to be scared, I understand, but the future that will happen if you and I chose to ignore it is terrifying. 1 out of 2 of our kids are expected to have autism 20 years from now if we keep going at the current rate. And my son’s symptoms disappeared, never to appear again in 6 weeks, and you want to ignore that? That is not only irresponsible, it is appalling that you could contribute to a future where our society could be devasted by health issues. Please reconsider what you have written and the impact. We expect better of our female counterparts.

    1. No Zen. You are wrong. Where did you get the idea “corn and beans are sprayed with glyphosate AS A DRYING AGENT UPON HARVEST?” Dry agent…no. Not true. Not factual. Not correct.

  5. The thing to remember is that the people providing ‘expert’ advice here, are farmers, not research associates. Therefore, whatever they say should not be taken seriously, because they just don’t understand the ‘science’ involved. They simply don’t have the knowledge to even attempt a reasonable debate on this subject….PERIOD

  6. Simply said, referring to #1. There is NOTHING natural about GMO corn. Look up the definition.This process does not occur natually in NATURE.

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