When fall rolls around many of us are excited to enjoy the pumpkin treats, scents, and apple cider. But to some of us who are farmers, that means harvest is just around the corner. Long hours, hard work, and little sleep is what every farmer knows to be true during this season. So with that said, a farmer simply cannot get married during the fall. Here are the Top 5 Reasons Why Farmer’s Never Get Married in the fall:

1. Very few of your family and friends will be able to attend.

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Literally, everyone will be in the field harvesting their crops before it is too late. Many are on a time crunch, so getting the crop out at the right time is really important. I don’t know about you, but I would like for my wedding to be filled with tons of people!

2. Anniversary?  What anniversary?

Not only does your hardworking husband (or wife) have to get out of the field for a day, but you’d be lucky if they remembered at all about the whole anniversary thing. During harvest, many farmers are constantly thinking 24 hours a day about their job. There is very little room for time to think of an anniversary, let alone planning a getaway for a weekend.

 3. No, I can’t register at Target with you.  I have to be sure the combine is ready.

For many farmers, harvest is a yearly salary they cannot live without. Instead of getting paid every two weeks, farmers are paid once a year … and we all know planning a wedding is really expensive. So, when your groom (or bride) is at the wedding, they are not going to have their full attention on the detail of the day. Instead, they will be thinking “is it going to rain tomorrow?”

4. Is it really good luck if it rains (or snows!) on your wedding day?

This will most likely make your farmer very unhappy. Depending on when your crops are ready to be harvested, snow could be a problem (yes – even in October) and rain and wind is not a girl’s best friend when she has done her hair and make-up and basically arranged the entire wedding to be a sun-filled day. If you want your farmer to be happy, do not chose a month in the fall where any slight change of weather could send anyone into a panic.

5. Hold on, I have to take this call …

While you may think you got your farmer for the entire wedding day and honeymoon to yourself, think again. He will be called for questions or needed to check out a part on the tractor that isn’t acting right. The stress from your farmer will be so high; you’re going to wish you wouldn’t have scheduled a fall wedding right in the middle of the harvest season.

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