Winter Farm

Farming has more than it’s fair share of hardships, whether it be a bad day or a bad year (or more).  But it seems like things go downhill in the winter.  Maybe it’s the dropping temperatures or the craziness of the holiday season, but whatever can go wrong always will. With that being said, the good moments are nothing short of miracles.  Here’s a short list of things that can turn a bleak winter day into one that’s not too bad after all.

  1. Babies are born in good weather

It never fails that animals go into labor at the worst possible time.  Whether it’s right before a meeting in town that you’re already running late for, or in the middle of the worst snowstorm of the season, animals like to make things difficult on their farmers. Think those cute baby farm animals are always born in spring? Think again.  Babies being born in fair winter weather and with no complications can take a load of stress off a farmer.

  1. Farm equipment starts….and runs smoothly

Old TractorIt’s no secret that cold weather doesn’t always mix well with machines. That old tractor that has been in the family for generations, and is almost as old as the dirt it plows, doesn’t work so great in the harsh cold of winter.  Nothing is more frustrating than having to spend time fixing and cranking a machine when you could have been already working.  And getting the machine to start up in freezing temps is just half the battle.  Getting all of the work done without any breakdowns is the greatest in the middle of winter—especially when a hot supper is waiting at home!

  1. The power goes out…but the generator is already hooked up!

To me, the worst part of winter can be summed up in one word…ICE. It makes country roads dangerous, causes your best cow to slip and injure herself, and generally wreaks havoc throughout the farm.  Waking up to three inches of ice over everything and no power is definitely the start of a bad day.  But when the generator is already hooked up and kicked on, it’s like the day has been saved right from the start.

  1. Farmers get to wake up and do the job that they love

Farmer Winter WorkingFarming isn’t an easy profession by any means.  Some days it is nearly impossible for farmers to wake up early, head out into the cold while the rest of the family sleeps in, and tend to their animals and land, but they do it anyway.  They do it because it is in their heart and in their blood to do so. Any day that a farmer gets to wake up and do the thing he was born to do, whether things go right or wrong, is a truly good day.



This list is all about things that can make a farmer’s day when they go right, but the hardships come even more often.  It’s the lessons learned from tearing apart the whole tractor just to make it run; from rounding up cows that broke through a fence and then working ‘til past dark repairing the fence; from losing half of the new babies in a sudden ice storm, that make the good days that much sweeter.

sydney laySydney Lay
Southern Illinois University


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