Greetings from a Chicago city girl! I’m a 20-year-old college girl from a suburb north of the great city of Chicago. Which probably makes you wonder what is this girl doing writing a blog post for Il Corn. Well I am here in the hopes of getting some help from you! I have always lived in a city atmosphere and that’s why I need your help. I love food and animals but I want to do more than just love it, I want to understand what goes into the food I eat and how it’s made! So here are my questions for you!

#1.  What do the animals eat?

Are there certain types of foods you feed different types of animals?  How many times a day do you have to feed the animals. I obviously understand that not all animals eat the same thing, but are there similarities or ways that you can go about incorporating the food one animal eats to others to save?


#2. Can you give more background to GMO’s?

I know GMO’s are genetically modified organisms, but I don’t really have background information on them and I believe other people have this same question. I know this is a common topic throughout the farming communities around the world and I have never gotten involved because I don’t have enough information.

#3. How did you get into farming?

I know this may be an obvious question but is this something that you just decided to do or was it a family tradition. Is farming the only occupation you have or do you just farm for fun?

#4. What crops go with each season?

I am always wondering what fruits and vegetables go which each season. Is there a specific reason certain crops go with certain seasons and why? What happens if the weather isn’t in the favor for that season, will there be issues for your farm?

#5.  How do you manage pests and diseases on your farm?

It must be hard trying to control everything on a farm. One cannot control the weather or Mother Nature and that can be a problem when it comes to animals and plants. How do you manage to keep things under control and how do you handle problems with your animals catching diseases and plants and crops being infected with pests.

Hope you can answer some of my questions! Thanking you in advance.

nikkiNicole Faber
Illinois State University Student

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