Ag TeacherI’ve always have wanted to tell someone what a typical day in the life of a college student is… especially an agriculture student. I find that I and other agriculture students have a different outlook on life than the typical college student would if they were from another department on campus.

For example, a typical day starts off when I walk into the classroom at 8 a.m. knowing if I don’t attend, the professor will jokingly say something to me during the next class to remind not be a “skipper” again. After that happens, we then learn the ins and outs of how our major will impact 9 billion people by 2050 and it is our job to make a difference.
Whether it is the ag student sitting to the right of me building the cutting-edge combine, or the student to the left finding ways to be more efficient with milk production on his small dairy farm, we are all taught we have a profession that will impact lots of people in the future.

As class ends, we stroll out to the lounge where students are sipping on their morning cup of joe, studying, and catching up on the latest department news. There is normally a student chatting with another at the main table in the foyer trying to convince them to buy a ticket.

In today’s case it happens to be for the Sigma Alpha Professional Women’s Sorority Agriculture Basket Auction. My friends and I find ourselves buying these tickets…I don’t mind because they go to a great cause and help our department become better!

We all stand in the hallway having conversations about who’s going home for the weekend to work at their farm or staying to watch the Mr. Agriculture event happening that night. We talk about the candidates who will be doing dances and educational activities in order to be called Mr. Agriculture of the department for the year.Zeta Alpha

After chatting with other students, the procession begins to our soil conservation and animal science class. The afternoon comes to a close when my friends and I pile into the car and head to the Bowman Auditorium for the Mr. Agriculture event Mr Ag Winnerput on by Alpha Zeta Fraternity in the agriculture department. We watch friends be
escorts, handing out pamphlets, and laughing as the candidates/classmates get on stage to strut their stuff. The winner is announced and the students go crazy over Mr. Agriculture in the department.

This is only a small taste of what a day in the life of an agriculture student is like.
Student becomes expert, friends become family, and agriculture becomes our life. … and it happens on a daily basis for an agriculture college student. Life is good!


THEAThea Fruhling
Illinois State University

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