It is getting to be that time of year again! Many farmers are out in their fields planting or getting ready to start planting. Which means tractors and other large farm equipment will be out on the roads.

Every year we hear of accidents occurring between motorist and farm equipment. These accidents can be prevented, here are four tips to help prevent an accident.

slow moving vehicle sign1. Slow Down!

The tractors are moving much slower than regular motorist. This means you will approach them much quicker than other traffic. As soon as you see them, you need to start slowing down.

2. Know your Surroundings.

This means, be mindful of your location. Know what kind of traffic is up ahead of you and the equipment, also be aware of the traffic that is behind you. You must also watch for drivers that are not being as patient. They may try to pass you and the equipment, or others may pull out in front of you and the equipment.

Be sure to also watch for turn signals or even hand signals from the driver in the tractor. He may be turning into a field entrance that you may not see or notice.

Tractor on the road3. Leave plenty of space between you and the equipment.

This includes when you are behind them waiting to pass and while passing them. If you can’t see the driver and his mirrors, he can’t see you. Also keep in mind they will need more space to turn.

4. Be Patient!

They are working hard and appreciate your patience. They are out doing their job of feeding the world.

And remember to always give a wave!


Hannah ZellerHannah Zeller
Communications Assistant

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