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Spring planting is underway in some areas of the state.  It’s an interesting year because some of our farmers report being mostly done, while many haven’t even started due to wet weather and cooler temperatures.

Here’s what some of the farmers around the state are saying …

Andy Bartlow, Macomb: We are 75% done with corn planting and I would estimate our area is probably 85% planted.  Corn that was planted Easter weekend is up.

Bill Leigh, Minonk: We are about 20% done with corn planting. Not been much done in our area – maybe 5%.  Been too damp and cold in most areas.  My corn planted on Friday morning (4/17) is sprouted.

Don Duvall, Carmi: Only the highest sand fields are planted in our area in southeastern part of state.  All other fields are much too wet.   Probably less than 1% corn planted.

Paul Taylor, Esmond: I got the planter running Friday, April 17.  I planted a research plot Saturday.  Held off yesterday ahead of the cold weather this week.  Less than 5% planted in our area.  A lot of equipment just sitting, I assume for soil to warm-up.

Kent Kleinschmidt, Emden: I have planted nothing so far and I will start when it dries out.  We received .65 inches of rain in the last 24 hours.  Our area is about 10-15% planted.

Justin Durdan, Utica: We are 70% planted on corn. Last week we had the best planting and ground conditions we have seen in 3 years. Our area is far behind our normal pace, maybe at 5-10%. Some guys have not turned a planter wheel yet. Hope being aggressive was a good decision on our end…

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