I always find that the ethanol industry and farmers get a lot of criticism on social media. I’ve heard people say things such as, “ethanol causes food shortages, corn production can’t meet the demands, or there is no way ethanol can dominant against big oil.” These statements on news feeds can be hard to swallow if you’re in the agriculture industry…I know they are for me.

I see how people tend to talk more about the negatives about ethanol because they can get more reaction out of comments and likes than talking about the positives. Since these seem to trend the newsfeed, I figure I’d bring to you a list of all positive facts corn ethanol can bring to the consumers table. Let’s get started…

#ethanol collage1        1/3 of every bushel for ethanol is enhanced and returned to the animal feed market in the form of distillers grains, corn gluten feed or corn gluten meal.

Social media doesn’t give farmers the benefit that they can meet supply demands.  Farmers are producing enough corn to supply for ethanol, consumers, and even animals.

#2        Despite poor weather conditions, corn crop in 2010 was the third largest on record.

This fact shows how despite Mother Nature farmers will be able to supply the ethanol industry and have plenty of food to go around.

#3           Ethanol created 400,000 jobs in the U.S.

If you want an industry that is pushing for job expansion and is proud to produce in the U.S… this is the industry!

#4           33% of corn waste from ethanol is
used for animal feed.

Not only is corn being used for 67% of the overall production of ethanol, but the by product is being used for animals.  The agriculture industry sure doesn’t leave any scraps behind and they want to make sure they use their entire product.

#5        pump   One bushel of corn can produce 2.8 gallons of ethanol.

Who knew one bushel could go so far?!  2.8 gallons is a lot of gallons when you’re talking one bushel. With gasoline prices going up the more ethanol we can have in our tanks the better!

#6           Ever since Henry Ford designed his 1908 Model T, pure ethanol was used  on automobiles.

It sounds like ethanol has been a long running tradition in Americans since the car was invented. Ethanol has been around for a long time and now is being used in a more efficient and effective way than ever!

Last but not least…

#7           “There are 2 kinds of ethanol… Corn and Sorghum.”

Many people don’t know that there are 2 kinds of ethanol used in their pumps.  Corn is the dominating crop used for ethanol but sorghum is also used but in smaller amounts.

Now that you know the secrets to ethanol that social media hasn’t been showing you, you can share to the world what you know about ethanol.  I certainly will be sharing on my news feed these unique facts you don’t get to see every day on social media. I hope you do the same!

THEAThea Fruhling
IL State University student

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