When it comes to the agriculture world, there are some phrases that we say that are a little different to the general public.
1. It WILL rain on the day you hold an important outdoor event.
1 outdoor event
2. Bad hair day for an important interview
2 bad hair day
3. Car problems right after you get the last problem fixed
3 car problems
4. Missing the store’s sale by one day.
4 coupons
5. Taking someone out to eat to a place they don’t like but they never tell you.
5 dinner
6. That pain that everyone feels when they hit their thumb with a hammer.
6 hammer
7. Traffic.
7 traffic
8. Morning Alarms.
8 chicken wake up
9. Truck commercials that assume I know what the word “torque” means.
9 torque
10. Things that require a battery size that isn’t AA.
10 battery
11. People who point out tiny errors or mistakes that make no real different whatsoever.
11 tractor
12. Sweating sucks… Unless you are Chris Soules!
12 chris
13. If it CAN break, it WILL break.
13 broken

14. WD-40 and duct tape fix everything.
14 duct tape

perryPerry Harlow
Illinois State University Student


We had lots of fun at the Farm Progress Show this week in Decatur, IL.

It was hot, we sweated our butts off (and maybe even some of our sanity by the end of it) but it was a great time!

Although most of the state has been dry recently, we still had several people from all over the state bring in water samples. All three days we held free, confidential water sampling for nitrate and phosphorus levels. 

Water Sampling FPS edit


Protect the RFS. We feel like we’re beating a dead horse.

To summarize for anyone that hasn’t read Renewable Fuel Standard details here before, the RFS is about forcing the oil industry to give ethanol “shelf space” in their retail stations. For a company to sell a cheaper, more environmentally friendly fuel THAT COMPETES WITH THEIR OWN PRODUCT is not something they do willingly.

If this is all news to you, read this article. But you’ll also want to watch today’s feature video below.