skyTip # 1

Use sun as your stain remover!

On those hot summer days, throw your laundry out under the sun to dry! This will dry your clothes, as well as take those stains out! We all wash and wash to try and get those dirty stains out of the clothes. Quick tip, dry those clothes out in the sun for a while, Poof, the stains are gone! Those messy food stains to those grimy grease and oil stains will be vanished. Not everyone has time to scrub on stains, so this is the perfect alternative for everyone!

coffeeTip # 2

Coffee Grounds

“Coffee Grounds?” you may think. Coffee is an important crop is every household. It is the drug that keeps us all sane. But did you know that there can be a dual purpose? Does anyone have a mechanic in the household? Or a child that just likes to get dirty? Well, lemon juicekeeping your coffee grounds next to the sink is almost as good as soap. The coffee grounds will pull out all rough skin stains!

Tip # 3

Lemon Juice

Lemon Juice is key to keeping those meals for days! If you put lemon juice on top of every meal you make it will extend the life of your foods. Not everyone wants to cook three times daily! Embrace the tips and tricks to extend those left-overs.

Tip # 4


ammoniaAmmonia might strike you as a harsh substance, but it can be a key ingredient to your laundry detergents as well as your daily cleaning regime. Firstly, ammonia is cheap! We women are always looking for the bargain brands and coupon codes and this is just the product. This product can be used as a stain remover within your laundry and a stain remover within your daily cleaning routine. Dual purpose.

Tip # 5

Crock Pot Mealscrock pot meal

Crock pot meals are a must ladies! Every man always wants a hot meal when he gets home, but some of us ladies work too! Easy crock pot meals can be thrown in early in the morning and are ready to eat when everyone gets home. Just check out Pinterest and you will have crock pot meals for days. We can cook everything from meat and taters to exquisite pasta dishes. No matter what, those meals will dress to impress.

Tip # 6

Disposable Containersdisposable containers

Keep those disposable containers girls! Throw these bad boys in the sink, rinse them out and store them away for your next run. You can always re-use them! Whether you need them for a quick meal run out to the farmers in the field, or a luncheon picnic at the park, those disposable containers are a must. Plus, everyone loves something that can be easily disposed of.

winter prep kitTip # 7

Winter Prep Kit

Be prepared! Always keep a winter prep kit within your vehicle. Keep this stocked with water, blankets, flashlights, batteries, ya know, the essentials. In the Midwest, we rarely see a mild winter so whether you are in the Windy City or a farm in Southern Illinois, the snow will be piled up! A winter prep kit is a necessity.

Tip # 8

Grow your own food

straw bale gardenFood for thought! Do you have left over fall decorations? Straw, per say? Fortunately, you can grow your own fresh food within the comfort of your own home. Use your old straw from fall décor to grow your own tomatoes in the winter. We all love fresh fruits and veggies. This is the perfect idea for your cozy winter foods like a hot BLT and that zesty tomato soup.


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