yellow mumWhen fall rolls out of hiding and the air becomes crisp and cool, we all think of all the beautiful decorations and flowers that come with it. If you are planning a wedding or a fall event here are some beautiful flowers that tie in the fall theme.

First we have the mum

Mums are great for clay pots, rows in window boxes, and of course our beautiful wedding backdrops and aisles!

There are a many different varieties that make it especially difficult to choose just one! So pick any colors you want, and tie them in to make a beautiful centerpiece, corsage, or even party favors to take home!

white mumsBlizzard: Late variety, whitest flower available in the daisy garden mum
Bold Felicia: Beautiful, neon-hot pink daisy with a bright yellow center disk! Breathe Taking!
Carrie: Two-tone decorative flower with a dark red center and golden yellow outer petals!
Melissa: Blooms through late October and bred for form, outstanding bright lavender!
Vicki: Rich orange with a darker orange center
Zesty Jean: Pastel perfection with peach and coral intertwined

sunflower center pieceSecond we have the beautiful sunflower

Sunflowers are favorites among brides and work well with so many types of decorations. You can use them to decorate your backdrop, centerpieces, bouquets, and so much more! They are a versatile flower and are great for summer weddings, not just for fall!  Sunflowers brighten any day so imagine having them at your wedding! They will bring fall calla lilliesvibrant beauty to everyone.

The third flower is the calla lily

My personal favorites are the calla lily. They are absolutely breath taking.  They fit any color scheme and match anyone’s personality. The calla lily speaks for itself.  It is elegant, sophisticated and all around wonderful.  It has a very unique shape and design and holds itself with pure beauty.

The dahlia is another choice

calla lilly groomsmenThe next beautiful choice of flowers is the dahlia – which means elegance and dignity.
How could you go wrong there with picking a flower with so much meaning? These flowers would make beautiful decoration on cakes and also comes in many colors.  Of course you cannot go wrong with white for elegance.

We must not forget that flowers are not just for bouquets.  Flowers are used throughout a wedding. You can use flowers to decorate your centerpieces, backdrops, aisles,
and even your groom and groomsmen’s boutonnieres. Flowers are a beautiful creation and can express people in so many ways. Be sure when picking out your flowers for your wedding that they express you and who you are. Be dahlia wedding photocreative, use those cute ideas you’ve always admired, or the unique design you have seen at someone else’s wedding. Your flowers are a symbol of love. Flowers are creative, colorful, and all around inspiring. Next time you’re browsing for the special flowers to use at your wedding, think of what represents you well and fits in with your theme. Have fun with creating your decorations and be creative!


hannah st pierreHannah St.Pierre
Illinois State University

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