Marketing: it is an important part of the world we live in. It is the way companies interact with consumers to promote and sell products and services.

Without marketing, we as consumers might be unaware of products and services, and producers wouldn’t have any buyers.

How things are marketed plays a large role into who buys the product or service.

For example:
Regular Leggings versus Maternity Leggings


Both leggings are black, made from the same material and look very similar. But the one on the left is aimed for a young woman who likes to dress up and look good doing it.

The photo on the right is aimed for a woman who is pregnant, wants to be practical, comfortable and look good doing it. If you are a young women looking for the perfect pair of leggings to wear out to a party this Saturday, you probably won’t go shopping in the maternity section to find them.

Same product, different audience.

The people creating these ads appeal to their targeted audience by choosing the right models, accessories, location of ads, etc.

These same people also use certain wording in their ads to appeal to certain people.

panera ad

Buzz words like, “all natural” and “antibiotic free” are very trendy right now and appeal to a lot of people. Because people want good quality products, especially when it comes to the food they eat… duh.

But this is where marketing crosses a line. It can be misleading or deceiving.

Let me explain: In this particular ad, what does “all natural” mean? What defines it as “all natural?” NOTHING. It is just words, to persuade you to pay more for this product versus the other product that doesn’t say it. But the advertising on the package makes you believe that it is a better product because it’s all natural and it must mean it is healthier for you and that must mean that the other product isn’t. Not true.

What about “antibiotic free?” Same thing. All meat must be antibiotic free, this is a law established by our government. All meat is inspected before ever making it to a restaurant or grocery store. But labeling it “antibiotic free” makes the average consumer believe that it must be superior or healthier for you than the meat without the label. Tricked you again.

Que the part where farmers and ranchers are sick of being put into the negative light by companies like Chipotle, Panera and now Subway. Many of their advertisements are misleading to consumers. Now consumers are demanding producers to change their ways because they think that is how they (the consumers) will get the best quality product. When in fact, the products they have been getting all along are just as healthy and safe as their “all natural” or “antibiotic free” counter parts.

If advertisements could be compared to a used car salesman, this would be the salesman convincing you to buy a car you didn’t want or need at a way too high of a price.

Producers have an obligation to make sure they are producing the best quality product possible. (Especially when it comes to food.)

But consumers have an obligation to be educated about the products they are buying to ensure purchasing decisions are based on quality instead of fancier advertisements.

Don’t be fooled by the salesman. Drive, eat, and wear, etc. the products you think are best for you based on your own scientific review.

Hannah ZellerHannah Ferguson
Communications Assistant

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