It’s become a tradition and we aren’t stopping now!  Want to know what’s on IL Corn’s Christmas list this year?  We’re hoping Santa brings us …

dear santa

1. More Social Media Interaction

Yes, it’s definitely the least important on our Christmas list, and yet, if more people were plugged into who we are and what we are doing, we think getting the other items on our list would be so much easier!

Every day, IL Corn staff and farmer leaders are publishing information that is relevant to Illinois farmers and Illinois ag.  If you really want to understand what it is to be a farmer and what farmers are facing today, we wish you’d plug in!

Are you curious about the science and the economics behind farming?  You might get something out of our daily news updates.  We call them “Corn Scoops,” and they are geared towards our farmer members, but you can subscribe to the updates too!  Get them daily or weekly … your choice.  Click right here to sign up.

adopting biotechnologyMaybe you’d like a little less intense look at Illinois agriculture.  Find some motivating quotes, beautiful farm scenes, and important ag facts on our Instagram page.  It’s our fastest growing social media outlet!  (Click here to see what we’re up to, but to subscribe, you need to download Instagram on your smart phone and search for ilcorn.)

Perhaps the easiest place of all to keep up with us is on Facebook.  We’re sharing interesting articles from all over the web here as well as our own stories.  This is the very best place to learn more about what IL Corn is doing, but also to learn more about farmers in general, how they farm, and why they are invested in doing what they do well.  This will take you directly to our page!

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If more people read about, paid attention to, and understood farmers and farming, we know that all our other issues would melt away!

Mitchell_LindsayLindsay Mitchell
ICGA/ICMB Marketing Manager



We also want:


5. Better relationships with our customers – overseas and domestic

4. Pump standardization

3. A functioning state and federal government

2. More stable farm profitability


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