1. GMOs aren’t actually bad for your health

I watched all of the Netflix documentaries like Food, Inc. and Fed Up that unconsciously led me to not trust the food industry.  I wholeheartedly (and secretly) believed the Non-GMO and organic movement.  I was more inclined to buy a product if it contained both of those words.  When I arrived at college and most of my friends had an agriculture background, I learned very quickly that what I had previously believed about GMOs and organically grown food was far from the truth.  GMO labeling is a marketing tactic by companies that want you to believe that their product is the healthier choice.


  1. People from agriculture backgrounds are against Chipotle 

Did someone say Chipotle? Well, if they did they are probably not saying good things. Personally, I love 5-2-17 chipotleChipotle, and my Ag friends have not yet convinced me to stop eating it.  Through various commercials and marketing “movies”, chipotle has apparently misrepresented the way that food is produced, which shines agriculture in a negative light.  Chipotle also has a highly publicized push against GMO ingredients and for antibiotic-free meat.  I didn’t know these things or ponder them before I came to college. They bring about great points and are probably right, but I still really like to eat Chipotle.


  1. There are agriculture classes in a lot of high schools

In high school, we did not have an Ag program or an FFA program, so I had no idea what Agriculture Education was.  I have met so many AgEd majors in and it took a long time before I completely figured out exactly what they do.  It turns out, people that want to be Agriculture teachers are some of the most passionate people I have ever met.  They absolutely love what they do (because trust me, they do not go into their field for the money) and they will share their love for agriculture to anyone at any time.  I also learned about FFA (Future Farmers of America) because almost everyone in an ag-related major was in FFA.  The AgEd teachers double as FFA advisors, so the people who loved FFA never really have to leave it.  All in all, I really missed out.


  1. Farmers go to college too 

Cornfield BackgroundIn college, I learned that there is so much more that goes into farming than I had previously thought.  Farming is not easy.  Because of this, it is a very smart choice for people who want to go into farming to go to college first.  Earning a degree in either Crop Sciences or Farm Management or any agriculture related degree is a smart decision because the things that farmers learn in classes help them to grow their farm and use optimum technology to become the most profitable and effective at their work.  Another important lesson I learned is that it is not a failure to go back to the farm after college.


  1. There are so many career paths within agriculture 

I used to think that agriculture=farming. This is the furthest thing from the truth.  Agriculture is such a broad field and is really anything that has to do with food.  There really is a spot for everyone.  Between Food Science and Agribusiness, the career paths are endless.  Not only is it a broad field, it is a prosperous field.  There are so many well-paying and fulfilling jobs in agriculture, all over the world.

Kkylieylie Lindley-Bohman
University of Illinois student


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