As a part of the agriculture community, we have all experienced different types of farm moms. It’s not right to judge or stereotype. Yeah, yeah… yeah. We also know we all do it and it can sometimes even serve a useful purpose. We all know that everyone’s mom has a different personality. That’s why we love them!

Here are six of the most common farm mom types I’ve encountered:

5-9-17fabulous1. The Farm Fabulous Mom

Usually decked out in the latest stock show trends, this mom always looks fabulous. Baby on hip and twisted-x on foot, this mom is always managing to pull it together. Her hair and makeup are done, and she looks amazing at all times even after spending all the day in the barn. Somehow, she always has everything in order. How does she do it!?

5-9-17million2. The Million Farm Animal Mom

We all know a family with a million different livestock on the farm. This mom seems to be just fine getting her three kids to soccer games and the entire barnyard fed on time. She is calm and confident and knows exactly which kid or animal is where and when.

5-9-17chore3. The Soccer (Chore) Mom

She looks like she is always coming from the gym or going to the gym. This is because she is one heck of a chore mom. Her workout is getting the kids ready the chores done, all while burning some major calories. Feeling bitter yet?

5-9-17rolled4. Just Rolled-Off-the-Farm Mom

This mom looks like she literally just came from the farm, well because she did. Yes, that is cow manure on her jeans but it is all part of the job. Sometimes there is no time to change out of those stinky farm clothes, but that’s what being a farm is!

5. The Show Mom

5-9-17showIf your family shows livestock, then more than likely your mamma is a show mom. This mom is always at the show, taking pictures while you are in the ring or balling a tail. She might even have a little black mustache from the fit job on your animal. She is supportive and always there for you win or lose.

6. The Forgetful Mom

“Did I remember to lock the cattle gates before I took the kids to school?” Mom. She might not always remember everything but she loves you and is willing to do what has to for family and livestock.


Leslie Walker
Lakeland College

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