My name is Elizabeth O’Reilly and I am currently the communications and social media summer intern for the Illinois Corn Marketing Board/Illinois Corn Growers Association. I am from Naperville, Illinois where I had minimal exposure to the agriculture industry while growing up but hope that my background allows me to provide a suburban perspective to the Illinois Corn agriculture team.

I began attending Illinois State University in August of 2010 as an undeclared major. After taking various business, communication, and general education courses as well as meeting with my academic advisor numerous times I decided that I wanted to pursue a degree in Agriculture Communication and Leadership. As I began taking my required courses I fell in love with agriculture. It was truly shocking how I felt so welcome to the major by the other students in my classes as well as by my professors. Last year I became a member of the ISU Collegiate Farm Bureau. I am very excited to get out into the working world as I will graduate in the spring of 2015.

I wanted to be the Illinois Corn communications and social media intern because it is a perfect match for my major. I am eager to learn more about the agriculture industry and even more specifically the corn industry. I know that I will learn so much from this internship opportunity and will enjoy the experience of working out in the real world with people who are tremendously passionate about agriculture, as am I.

Over the course of this summer I look forward to working with the video and graphics communications intern, Tim Marten, to develop ideas and scripts for the creation of informational videos related to the corn industry. So far we have made several short videos that will be played at the Corn Crib during the Normal CornBelters baseball games. I had the opportunity to be in one of the videos and while I had a lot of fun being in the video I also really enjoyed getting to learn about the video production process.  You can see more of the videos here.

I am thrilled to be the communications and social media intern and I am excited to learn, create, and enjoy the rest of the summer here at Illinois Corn.

ElizabethElizabeth O’Reilly