Grillin Apron**CONGRATS ENTRY #56, DAVE H.**

I love summer.  I love the smell of fresh-cut hay.  I love that when I get off work I still have plenty of daylight to spend time outside with my daughter going on bike rides, checking out bugs and playing on the swing set.  I love sitting in the middle of the lake with a fishing pole in my hand and jumping in to the water to cool myself off when I just can’t take the heat any longer.  And I really love cooking supper on the grill.  You can bet if it’s a nice day (and sometimes even when it’s not!) you can find me grilling something up for my family to eat.

It certainly makes sense then that I also love the month of May.   To me, May means the beginning of summer and summer equates all of the above, especially grilling.  That’s probably why May is also National Barbeque Month!

Because of my love for May and all things that scream summer, and this weekend (Memorial Day) being one of the most well-known weekends for barbequing, we are giving away a barbeque set (use it to cook up your own DaBurger!) to one lucky reader!

Entry is easy, just click on the Rafflecopter link below and it will take you to an entry form.  Contest ends May 28th.  Good luck!

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