Today, I’m loving this video.

You should really take the time to watch it.

I watched the video and loved the authenticity. Loved how the reporter showed us the exact image we’ve seen on Facebook and didn’t mince any words about whether or not that image was accurate. Loved that a scientist talked to us and shared all this information. She talked TO us, not AT us.

Then I checked out McDonald’s “Our Food, Your Questions” page. It is brilliant. I was drawn in particular to the question here about whether or not the animals eat Genetically Modified Organisms because, as a farm girl, that question pertains to me and my family’s livelihood.

mcdonaldsThey do. There’s no reason for the animals not to eat GMO corn and soybeans, though McDonald’s doesn’t say that.

It’s interesting how the internet and social media in particular has connected farmers with their consumers. Chicken farmers used to just raise chickens and sell them, never thinking too much about what happened next. Now Tyson thoughtfully considers the farmers raising their chickens. McDonald’s thinks about who they will buy chicken nuggets from.

Farmers and food manufacturers and suppliers like McDonald’s are engaged in many of the same issues and battles and that’s a relatively recent change in the American food landscape.

I feel good about eating McDonald’s occasionally and feeding McDonald’s chicken nuggets or burgers to my kids occasionally. I know the farmers raising these chickens and cattle are responsible, because I’m sure they aren’t that different from my grandpa and dad. Now I see that Tyson and McDonald’s work together to make sure that each chicken nugget is a wholesome product.

I feel good about helping consumers with no tie to the food industry understand these important issues, and entering that educational process with partners like McDonald’s.

If you are a farmer, check out what McDonald’s is doing and consider how their work could apply to your own work to help local non-farmers understand what you do on your farm.

If you are a non-farmer, you definitely must watch the above video and skim some of the questions on McDonald’s site. They are doing a great job to answer your questions.

Lindsay Mitchell 11/14Lindsay Mitchell
ICGA/ICMB Marketing Director

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