churchill“To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.”  – Winston Churchill

I read this and I immediately think of all the changes I make in my life.  I am constantly trying to learn the newest and greatest technology so I can perform my job adequately,  constantly changing up my parenting tactics as my kids grow and learn new bad habits from their friends.  I am constantly altering the means by which I hold myself accountable to my own spirituality and my relationships with friends and family.

I am seeking constant improvement, though I realize that I will never quite achieve perfection – or anything close to it!

1954 tractorIn the same way, I believe farmers are seeking consistent improvement.  Year over year, they are trying to raise more with a smaller global footprint.  They attempt to apply fewer chemicals, fewer fertilizers, to disrupt the land less with every crop year.  They do this because they seek constant improvement in the way they manage their land and preserve it for the next generation of farmers.

And every year when Mother Nature sends them a new curve ball – like a drought or a hail storm or winds that ravage their crops – they change midstream to attempt to salvage the very best that they can from that field.  They change for the benefit of their own family and yours.

For years and years, farmers farmed just like their fathers and grandfathers before them, with minimal improvements in methodology or technology.  Horses pulled implements, farmers walked behind, and the harvest was completed by hand.  Now we see farmers changing vast portions of their procedures year over year.  This year adding GPS to minimize fuel usage and trips over the field, next year adding mapping to help gauge exactly where to apply fertilizer.

Does the vocal society that criticizes farmers realize how quickly they are changing and adapting to new technology?  Do people really understand the changes farmers employ every day to try to become the perfect farmer?

We know there is no perfect farmer.  There can never be a perfect farmer as long as Mother Nature has a hand in the outcome.

But I do believe this world would be a better place if every human being attempted to change and update their routine as often as farmers.  The pursuit of improvement is a noble goal – and one that drives farmers every day.

Does it drive you?

Lindsay Mitchell 11/14Lindsay Mitchell
ICGA/ICMB Marketing Director


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