groceriesI understand that some people want to buy organic.  I am glad they have that choice.

I understand that some Americans want to buy gluten free.  I am glad they can.

I understand that some Americans will spend extra for labels that claim no hormones.  I love that those products are available.

But what is really hard for me to understand is the folks that spend their money on these (and other) specialty items at the grocery store AND THEN EXPECT ME TO DO IT TOO.

America is about choice.  I should get the opportunity to buy GMO laden products if I believe them to be safe.  And I do.  Why do you get to choose what’s available to me?

I’m happy about the statistic above.  It takes me only 40 days of work to pay for my food for the year.  It takes me 129 days to pay my taxes.  That’s less than half and I’m excited about that statistic.

I have a limited income.  Other single parents, one income families, and folks with disabilities do too.  And I hope that they never have a choice made for them by the vocal minority in our country to spend more on organic, non-GMO foods.

If you purchase non-GMO, organic, or other specialty items at the store, you pay more for them.  If farmers were forced to plant only these sorts of products, they would grow much less and you would pay SIGNIFICANTLY more for them – and for all food – because there wouldn’t be enough to go around.

This is why its so hard for me to listen to the proponents of organic and non-GMO food complain about the foods that are available to them or our modern food production system.  It feels selfish to me – and it must mean that they either don’t understand the implications of their whining or they simply don’t care about the rest of us.

Americans pay considerably less for their food than people around the world.  Let’s celebrate that fact and not take choices away from hard-working families.

Lindsay Mitchell 11/14Lindsay Mitchell
ICGA/ICMB Marketing Director


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  1. Bravo Lindsay! This is a complaint my patient husband has certainly heard more than once from me! As a society, we’ve been brainwashed by the “natural” and/or “organic” eaters into thinking that all the other foods are at the least inferior and at worst dangerous and health-threatening. And they have no understanding of what it would take to produce the same quantities of food that we now produce in a way they would approve – regardless of the price!
    I wish corncorps articles were mandatory reading for everyone!

  2. corncorps says:

    Thanks Elizabeth. We wish it were mandatory reading for everyone too!!

  3. Harold Smith says:

    Lindsay, as a hardcore Libertarian I agree with you. People should have the right to eat whatever they want. If they want to eat GMO, high-fat, highly processed foods with pesticide traces and meats from factory farms where the animals get no exercise and are crammed in tiny cages and fed antibiotics, hormones and DDG from industrial GMO corn and soybeans and never walk on pasture or see sunlight, then that’s their right. I also agree that the organic movement is relentless about getting its message out, but no more relentless than the mindless big agribusiness and farm lobby “agvocating” that endlessly emanates from land grant universities (owned by big agribusiness), big agribusiness, midwest “top producers” and the conventional ag activists.

    • corncorps says:

      Harold – maybe the problem is our success. Ag obviously isn’t as successful getting our message out, or more people would understand and rely on the science behind these food decisions. It is very difficult to see Americans turn a deaf ear – even to their own doctors – and choose to believe the organic marketing as truth. Marketing is almost never truth. Good, peer-reviewed science is. I just don’t want my choices – supported by science! – to go away.

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