1. Wake up and never complain.farmer-winter-working

Every farmer that I know wake up at 4:30 in the morning to feed their cattle or milk their cows and I never hear them complain.  They know their life could be a lot worst but they are optimistic about life.  The farmers are happy to have their cattle and family so they continue to be joyous everyday.

2.Volunteer in the local community.

Local firefighter.  School board member.  Farm Bureau board member.  4-H club leader.  These are all of the hats that a farmer wears plus being a full time farmer.  Farmers love giving back to their community.  They were raised to be polite, well mannered people, and always give back.  One way a farmer gives back is by donating their time and money back into the community that they live in.

3.Take environmental safety very seriously.

There are many groups believing that farmers are dumping gallons of pesticides and herbicide on their land just because they can.  This video proves that wrong.

The video shows much glyphosate is applied to 1 acre of land.  That video puts it into a real life perspective. Let’s put the cost of applying fertilizer and pesticide to a real world example.  Let’s say that a farmer has an 80-acre field.  1 acre is the size of a football field without the end zones attached.  The cost to apply 1 acre of pesticides is $60 and 1 acre of fertilizer is $148.  That is $208 an acre.  If you multiple 80 acres by $208, that is $16,640!  A farmer does not want to apply anymore fertilizer than they have to because would have to spend more money.  Farmers care for the land.  They want to preserve it because they need to use it year after year.  The farmer wants to make sure that the land with be healthy

for themselves, their children, and their grand children.

straight vs curved rows4.Use the safest modern techniques to provide food for the world.

If you every see a field with straight rows, we can thank GPS for that.  Many old farmers claim that their rows will always be straighter but GPS helps farmers be more productive.  With the use of a GPS, farmers that spray pesticides on crops use the technology to apply the accurate amount pesticide on the crop.  The technology allows the farmers to drive through the field and allow them not to over apply the spray on the crops.  This saves time and money for the farmer.  The picture shows a corn field before and after GPS technology.

JMcArthur_DairyVealFarm_-99395.Bring life into the world everyday.

Farmers get the opportunity to watch cows, ewes, and sows give birth on a daily basis.  The farmers assist them if they need help with the birth process and love them everyday after they are born!  There are some that believe that farmers beat their animals and treat them inhumanly.  This is absolutely incorrect.  If a farmer wants their animals to grow big and strong, they need to treat them with tender, love, and care and THEY DO!

6.Feed us everyday.

From the orange juice you drink in the morning to the beeryou have at the bar, you can thank a farmer for that.  Farmers allow you to eat everyday and at anytime of day.  Next time you see a farmer, say thank you!beer and orange juice

7.Educate everyone on their farming practices

One of the greatest things farmers do is educate consumers about their farming practices and tell them how their food starts at the farm gate and ends at the dinner plate.  There is a lot of confusion on the agriculture practices that farmers use but if someone has a questions about it, GO ASK A FARMER! Most farmers are willing to take someone on their farm and and show them around.  I have even seen farmers advocate about their practices on the streets in Downtown Chicago.  They are willing to educate consumers really about anywhere.farmer talking to consumers


Harlow_Perry 1 edit[2] copyPerry Harlow
Illinois State University

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