Grocery List1.Plan Ahead

Looking ahead to what you have planned for the coming week can make meal preparation a breeze. Be sure to plan meals that will fit your schedule, lifestyle, and health goals accordingly.

Below is a link to a printable list with common items needed on a grocery store visit.

2.Create Your List to Fit Your Grocery Store

This may take some time to get the hang of if you have recently switched a new store. Once you are familiar with the layout of your go to grocery store, arrange your list so that your first few items will be found first and your last items are towards the back of the store. This can not only save time, but also keeps you from getting distracted by unneeded items and can keep you within your budget!

3.Check The Local Paper For Coupons and Sales

Taking a few short minutes to go through your local paper in order to find sales and coupons for your favorite grocery store can help you stick to your budget however you should be sure to stick to only the necessary items to avoid overspending!

bag of money4.Set A Budget For The Weekly Groceries

Setting a budget for the necessities and a few treats can help you from overspending and also helps you stick to your dietary goals without adding unnecessary junk foods.

The link below gives 10 great tips to sticking to your grocery budget!

5.Skip The Organic

With today’s media hype and fast food chains such as Chipotle capitalizing on Non-GMO or Organic Only advertisement, it is easy to assume that these foods are healthier. Organic foods have never been proven to be healthier or more environmentally safe. In fact, many GMO foods have added nutritional value and use fewer pesticides than their organic counterparts. Skip, the organic and take the savings by buying GM foods!

The link below helps bust some of the common myths surrounding organic foods and is a great quick read!

6.Plan Your Grocery Store Trip On A Specific Day and Time

Looking over shopping cart at motion-blurred supermarket aisleThe link below has some great tips and tricks on when to plan your trip to the grocery store. Finding out when fresh items are brought in, going when the best deals are available, and going after a meal are just a few examples in this great post!

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