We’re holding a social media contest! 5 people who answer this question correctly will be chosen to receive a prize pack from the IL Corn office. The rules are written for Twitter but apply to Facebook as well. We’ll pick 5 on Twitter and 5 on Facebook.

The contest will end at 11:59 p.m. Thursday, January 26th. Winners will be announced in the following days. Good luck!

About corncorps

As Illinois' corn farmers, we're proud to power a sustainable economy through ethanol, livestock and nutritious food. We love agriculture, the land and CornBelters baseball.See http://ilcorn.org or follow us on Twitter, http://twitter.com/ilcorn.
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3 Responses to #TBT: CO(R)NTEST

  1. Kent Kleinschmidt says:

    The vagina monologues .

  2. Kent Kleinschmidt says:

    What did I win?
    I was the only one to make a comment.

    • corncorps says:

      Well Kent, unfortunately, you didn’t provide the answer we were looking for. While I cannot attest to what other videos Justin does in his free time, we were referring to the 360-degree farm tour series. Better luck next time! 🙂

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