kleinschmidt_kent_finalMEET KENT

Today our farmer to meet is Emden farmer Kent Kleinschmidt. Kleinschmidt previously served as the District 8 Director for the Illinois Corn Growers Association and later the District 8 Director for the Illinois Corn Marketing Board. He also served as ICGA President and as ICMB Chairman.   Kleinschmidt sustained for three decades the farm that his grandfather began, which gave him the opportunity to pass the legacy on to his son. More than that, he is a steward of other farmers, the environment, and to those in his community.


Kleinschmidt recently received the prestigious and well-deserved honor of being named Master Farmer. Read the original article from Prairie Farmer magazine here.

Learn more about Kent and the methods he uses on his farm that have garnered him recognition and respect among the agriculture community.  Click the Conservation Story Map below to explore what he and other farmers do to promote nutrient loss.


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